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  • Reference:gape1

    Beautiful house with spectacular sea views in the northwest corner of Spain above Portugal. This lovingly restored stone house has a stunning location just outside the medieval village of Muros in Galicia,...

    Desde 161 €

    161 €

    Reference: gape1
  • Reference:xoga01

    Beautiful holiday house for up to five guests, situated in the small village of O Soleiro do Rei, close to Vilar and only 2km from one of the 100 best beaches in the world, the spectacular Playa Caldebarcos...

    Desde 73 €

    73 €

    Reference: xoga01
  • Reference:casa-playa-de-balares

    This charming rural house is located in Finisterre and its surroundings, between Ponteceso and Fisterra, situated on A Costa da Morte, Galicia. It stands out for its great location, just 200 metres from...

    Desde 65 €

    65 €

    Reference: casa-playa-de-balares
  • Reference:elfi01

    Desde 51 €

    51 €

    Reference: elfi01
  • Reference:fimi01

    Desde 100 €

    100 €

    • 10
    Reference: fimi01
  • Reference:saga03

    Desde 28 €

    28 €

    Reference: saga03
  • Reference:fipa01

    Desde 21 €

    21 €

    Reference: fipa01
  • Reference:fieli01

    Desde 26 €

    26 €

    Reference: fieli01
  • Reference:mafi01

    Desde 34 €

    34 €

    Reference: mafi01
  • Reference:fiar01

    Desde 39 €

    39 €

    Reference: fiar01
  • Reference:mafi03

    Desde 72 €

    72 €

    Reference: mafi03
  • Reference:fiev01

    Desde 270 €

    270 €

    Reference: fiev01
  • Reference:fimui01

    Desde 57 €

    57 €

    Reference: fimui01
  • Reference:ficar01

    Desde 123 €

    123 €

    Reference: ficar01
  • Reference:fiesc01

    Desde 156 €

    156 €

    Reference: fiesc01
  • Reference:elga01

    Hotel located in Finisterre in the north west of Galicia. The hotel is of rustic design and is located in Baio-Zas, A Coruña, Galicia.The building was constructed...

    Desde 43 €

    43 €

    Reference: elga01
  • Reference:o-prouso

    Hotel "O Prouso" is located in Carnota, A Coruña. In this place, where dreams come almost true, you will be able to enjoy its wonderful sights, relax in its calm beaches and visit the natural enviroment...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: o-prouso
  • Reference:gain02

    Modern holiday beach apartment situated in a privileged position on the Galician coast, in Fisterra, right next to the Langosteira beach.With a large parcel of private land surrounding the accommodation...

    Reference: gain02
  • Reference:dofi01

    Reference: dofi01
  • Reference:rafi01

    Reference: rafi01
  • Reference:loufi01

    Casa Lourido is located in Lires, a small village on the Coast of Death. The Camino, or Saint James way, goes through the village to Muxía, 12 km away.Since 1968, the owners accommodate guests from all...

    Desde 34 €

    34 €

    • 9
    Reference: loufi01
  • Reference:ancora

    The hotel Ancora is situated 3min from the lighthouse from Fisterra. One of the places which all the people who come to Galicia have to visit (the end of the world). Only some minutes far away you can...

    Desde 34 €

    34 €

    • 8
    Reference: ancora
  • Reference:gain03

    Modern holiday beach apartment situated in a privileged position on the Galician coast, in Fisterra, looking out onto the Langosteira beach.The famous Galician 'Death Coast' offers plenty of recreational...

    Desde 90 €

    90 €

    Reference: gain03
  • Reference:gain04

    A Costa da Morte offers visitors many opportunities to enjoy its beautiful surroundings. Here you can find everything from hiking trails that are distinguished by their high landscape value, pristine beaches...

    Desde 90 €

    90 €

    Reference: gain04